Thursday, August 9, 2012

Information Rules the Nation

One of my favorite idioms of all time is the phrase "People who live in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." With that being said, I'm sure that you all have read the countless amounts of defamatory ads, blog posts, and tweets that were written by Lisa Renee Mitchell aka Kaylani Foxxx, about me and Marie Laveaux. Kaylani has been blatantly cyber stalking, slandering, and mimicking us almost everyday now for about two years because her business has drastically deteriorated here in Atlanta. In the past, Kaylani approached both of us, as a potential business partner, and on separate occasions we both declined. From that point on, she intentionally led anti-smear campaigns against us across the internet. I guess she felt that as long as she had to suffer financially then so did we.

No matter what was posted about Marie Laveaux and I, we continued to travel and still work here in Atlanta. At the same time, Kaylani continued to slander us on Twitter and write about us in her Backpage ads. Sometimes when we thought that things had died down, then behold, here came more remarks regarding us. At that point, Kaylani's actions became very calculating to us. We knew that whenever we posted new photos, whether on Backpage or Twitter, she was gonna start back taking shots at us. We also knew to expect new camera phone photos from "The Queen" claiming to be the most elite companion in the world, while seeing certain adjectives and phrases that we used in our ads being copied and pasted to hers.  In June, she was exposed by for stealing content from their site and posting it on her own. Their response was :

Make sure you check out the "REAL" Kaylani Foxxx who this imposter stole the name from: At the end of July, I finally decided to come back to Atlanta in order to continue seeing my regular clients, so I posted a sponsor ad on Backpage. The title of my ad was "Phenomenal Woman." Immediately Kaylani changed the title to her sponsor to "There isn't anything PHENOMENAL (me) or IDEAL (Marie Laveaux) about lies and gimmicks blah blah blah.....So at that point, I had Backpage delete her entire sponsor ad because it was obviously about us. Next, she took to Twitter with the indirect yet direct comments regarding us. For two weeks straight, she started viciously flagging Marie's website link in her ad, still randomly talking about us on Twitter. I woke up yesterday, and saw yet another tweet about us and said "Fuck it, this bitch gets what she deserves!" Honestly, I already knew exactly who she was, where she was from, and her criminal background. I was just waiting for the right time to expose this "FRAUD" "FAKE" "LOSER" "ABUSER" as she has repeatedly called us. If I was a guy, I'd say "This bitch has a record longer than my dick!"

I've also included a tweet from her Twitter page confirming her birthday on 3/28/2012 of this year because we figured that she would try to come back and say that it wasn't her!

Lisa aka Kaylani, we warned you to quit playing with us on this internet and you thought it was a game. It's not our fault that you let your pimp get you pregnant, that's probably why you're so hateful right about now. It ain't my fault, that flopped. I wouldn't be surprised to see a "Lactating Mother" ad from you in a couple of months. I will make sure to stay on the lookout for that one. By the way, what type of elite companion takes photos with panties from Target?