Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kaylani Foxxx gets knocked the fuck out at Caribou Coffee in Buckhead by Marie Laveaux!!!

FYI: Kaylani Foxxx aka Lisa Renee Mitchell is now homeless. She lost her Section 8 housing voucher in Stone Mountain because her son was sent back to South Carolina. So now she is selling her services in other people's homes for a fee, all over Atlanta! In my opinion, elite companions like Ms. Foxxx claims to be, have at least: a car, a home, and a driver's license lol! Seems like the threefold law of Karma has finally caught up with Ms. Foxxx after all. She was so consumed with stalking, harassing, cursing, and trying to discredit me and Marie Laveaux that she couldn't handle her own business. Kaylani know who you're dealing with when you attempt to practice voodoo on people that are far more spiritually inclined than you little girl. Disaster will come back on swift wings upon your own head!!!


Friday, August 19, 2011

How can two $100 hoes brag like they $1000 bitches? (Hallucinations)

"Monroe Thicks and Kaylani Foxxx you can either ring a doorbell or shut the fuck up"
"Real money makers don't have to say shit because their money speaks for them"
"Bitch stop needing Twitter validations to feel relevant"

"Monroe why you think you so cold and can't move beyond Backpage and $100?"
"Monroe I see that your prices are now NEGOTIABLE lol!"
"Did you know your girl Kaylani does $75 sessions?
"Why ya'll hoes acting like ya'll on a team of winners lol?"

Anything you gotta say bitch just call and make an appointment and we can go from there. You just another shit-talking scary jealous ass ghetto hoe on BP that ain't getting no money. Are you still mad because you didn't get to go to Houston with me bitch lol? Who gives a fuck if you are working for and fucking Matthew? I don't want that mothafucka and any hoe in her right mind wouldn't either. Let me give you some advice you fuckin creepy crawler. You and Kaylani aka Skeletor aka The Kryptkeeper stop trying to pull fake publicity stunts off another hoe's name and accomplish a real photo shoot and clientele base. Ms. Thicks as far as I can see you have never became anybody and never will nor have you ever posted an ad outside of Backpage or $100! Bitch when you can upgrade your rates higher than my NON-VIP rates then people will start taking you more seriously. I don't do business with the type of people that would even think of coming to see either one of you hoes. Your only self proclaimed line to some fame is that you are "The best since Craigslist," but according to several sources in Atlanta you are nothing more than a TRACKSTAR, you don't even belong on the internet you maggot ass hoe! Bitch all that cum you been swallowing over the years from these nasty dick ass niggas, since Craigslist, aren't you supposed to be rich huh? What happened? Ms. Thicks all your cloudy ass photos make you look like you've suffered from a stroke in the mouth area. I can't leave out Ms. Foxxx with her $150 creampie specials to the general public either. 

What I really wanna know is how you end up talking about Kaylani Foxx like a dog on Twitter then ended up partnering with the bitch? Truthfully, any real bitch getting money makes moves not tweets. Kaylani need to stop tweeting herself about them dingy ass video clips and ain't nobody paying her over $100 for anything. Just the other day they were on the forum calling Kaylani Foxxx "Decatur Pussy rot!" Monroe Thicks you have several funky pussy reports and ghetto reports on that same forum! I see several and have been written in reference to both of you infested ass hoes so now what's up?

FYI: Bitches be able to officially retire or wait until you reach millionaire status before you ever try an attempt to go in on a made bitch like me. One things for sure and two are for certain, I can guarantee that when I do enter the medical field, I will be treating dumb and full of cum ass hoes like you for every type of STD known to man in the ER. Monroe, at the rate I hear you and Kaylani be snorting them lines and chewin up pills you fuckin bobble heads, I don't think either one of you hoes will ever make it. Monroe seems to always keep other porn hoes names in her mouth more than a dick and even when she doing her best I hear its still average. Since you so cold and ballin like that then why can't you afford to go get the Kryptkeeper some hair and a real stylist? Your entire crew is a pack of nothings cause all ya'll bitches are crawling! Ms. Thicks I'm gon have to show you how to dress (with them cheap ass shoes), get your hair done (you ghetto fabulous SHANAYNAY look-alike), and train you on proper etiquette (you dumb ratchet ass hoe)! Bitch always talking about you got tools but guess what, you gonna need a HANDYHOE when you fuckin with me! Yeah Monroe you surely are ALL black because by the looks of things, I can tell that you are a 100% Afronigerjamerican-looking mothafucka, with all those infected nasty ass looking piercings!  Kaylani how long is gonna be under construction? When are you gonna tell these niggas, cause that's the only type of clients you are getting, that those pictures of you are from 2006 cause we pushin 2012 now?


That OG that still got ya'll hoes on your tiptoes, watching, lurking, peeping, and crawling! That same OG both of you hoes mad at cause I didn't wanna work with you tired ass hookers! "REAL niggas, bitches, celebs, and true VIP clients know ANYWHERE in the "A," especially, Poca is highly respectable!" Ole jealous ass back bitin ass hoes like you have to call me 24/7 for references, remember that bitches! When you can charge
your NON-VIP hourly rates to just have dinner with potential suitors and when you start to receive thousands of dollars (USD) via Western Union and bank transfers from people you've never met a day in your life then holla back at me bitches! I got a couple of hollow points for hoes like you. You fuckin internet wannabe hoe gangstas, but when it all boils down to it ya'll hoes ain't shit but some fuckin wankstas.

Pocahontas The Butterfly

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Conflict of Interest

For the record gentlemen, I will not be seeing anyone affiliated with Kaylani Foxxx in any form or fashion. As a devout business woman, student, and socialite, I have too many great things going for me than to allow such a person to physically, mentally, and socially contaminate my circle with confusion. Over the course of the last couple of months, Ms. Foxxx has contacted me, Marie Laveaux, and Honey particularly via text messages and phone calls in reference to some Backpage beef that she created from the jump. I've never met this girl a day in my life but obviously she feels the need to use my name and countless others in her ads in order to gain some notoriety.

The last time I spoke with Ms. Foxxx was a couple of weeks ago when she started blowing up my phone at 5 A.M. in reference to such beef. I offered her the opportunity to meet formally and she declined. We did reach an agreement that I would take down all negative posts about her that were extensively listed in this blog in exchange for her to just keep my name out of her mouth and advertisements. Well that verbal agreement was breached almost two weeks ago so that is why I'm now writing this blog. It was brought to my attention yesterday that she posted on Twitter that she won't be seeing any clients that see me and Marie Laveaux. After examining the complete list of "personal" services that Kaylani offers to the public, I wouldn't want to be affiliated with anyone linked to her in anyway. We are two different providers that provide completely different types of services rendered. I am an Adult entertainer and well-known companion and Kaylani on the other hand is a sex worker. I have a vast fan base, numerous celebrity friends, and an endless roster of clients from coast to coast. I don't know how she came to the conclusion that any of us were jealous of her.

I just felt the need to let it be known that I will not see anyone linked to Kaylani Foxxx. If someone is in fact trying to slander you with such false allegations that you know aren't true then so be it. Remember that some publicity, whether positive or negative, is better than no publicity at all. Personally, I could give a fuck about what anyone says about me because guess what, they ain't making me none and they damn sure ain't breakin me none! The problem occurs when your phone actually stops ringing! At that point, then it's time to go in on whoever. Honestly, I hope that isn't the case.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Jim Crow south still lives on,2933,295715,00.html

Saggin has been around since the early 90's and up until just recently, different cities across the south have banned this type of swag all together. They are now starting to actually write citations and take people to jail over their attire. Why? Many people see saggin as offensive and inappropriate. Honestly, I'm no fan of men who sag but I nor anyone else has the right to censor or tell anyone how to dress. I feel as long as you can't see any visible genitalia then you shouldn't be concerned about how others display themselves in public! It's evident that these new ordinances tend to primarily target the African American community, although many other ethnicities do emulate this type of urban style. If you are gonna put a ban on saggy pants then whose next? The Goths? The Punks? The Muslims?

If these types of ordinances aren't overturned sooner than later then we as a nation can kiss those civil liberties that were afforded to us in the Bill of Rights goodbye. The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of EXPRESSION from government interference. Freedom of expression also consists of the rights to freedom of speech, press, assembly, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and the implied rights of association and belief. The Supreme Court interprets the extent of the protection afforded to these rights, therefore these new bans on saggy jeans in Georgia, Texas, and Louisiana should be ruled unconstitutional! People of color, are you going to challenge this or are you just gonna "turn the other cheek???"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A proposition of fact

Dear Mr. Investor,

If you reside outside of the Atlanta area and would like to book me then give me a call. I have toured many U.S. cities over the years and would enjoy exploring other points of interest. My top 3 favorite cities to visit are: Houston, L.A., and Chicago. A couple of places that I would love to tour are: Boston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. I will be touring Houston the end of this month for a couple of days then briefly back to Atlanta. My schedule from the end of July until mid August is now officially open!

Booking info:


***ALL travel arrangements and hotel expenses must also be covered 3 days prior to my departure from Atlanta. A 50% deposit is required in advance and the remainder is due upon arrival.


Pocahontas The Butterfly

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Internet Stalkers pt. II: Matthew Antwan Ramey (aliases: Twan, Rush, Matt, etc.)

Over the course of the last two years and just recently within the last couple of weeks it has been brought to my attention, thanks to several providers that have contacted me about my DEADBEAT weak ass daughter's father. It appears that Matthew has been keeping up alot of bullshit and telling major lies on me, among different providers in the business, in an attempt to make himself look good and use my name as a meal ticket. I just thought that I would shed some light on the situation and give you all a brief rundown on him.

First and foremost, this boy has been a fugitive and wanted by the U.S. Marshals and the state of Georgia on MAJOR charges since June 2010. Right now he is wanted on charges such as but not limited to: sex trafficking of minors, failure to register as a SEX OFFENDER, armed robbery, probation violation, and child abandonment. He'd just gotten out of jail in December 2009 after doing a two year bid for: False Imprisonment, Aggravated Stalking, Aggravated Assault, and Aggravated Battery. PROCEED WITH CAUTION LADIES: All of these charges had been placed on him by another provider that he was in fact driving for and pimping! He like to get in good and rob you working girls especially! Also, January of this year another known provider by the name of Vonnie Pink called me and told me that he had been driving for her and robbed her of over $800 with her daughter in the car!!! He has been diagnosed as a bipolar schizophrenic and sociopath. (Same diagnoses as Ted Bundy)

He has a personal vendetta against me because months after he was released I took out a warrant on him for Child Abandonment because he owes me almost $10,000 in back child support and they revoked his license due to non payment! Yep, I did it! The last check he sent me for $900 was over two years ago just a few months before he was arrested. My thing is if you can comb Backpage and Craigslist for hookers, drive and pimp these dumb ass hoes that will allow you to do so, then nigga pay your child support!

FYI: Matthew when the verdict is in, the ink dries on the paper, and the dust settles I will still be here in the free world and you on the other hand will be doing 10-20 or even life in prison. Don't start something you can't finish fuck boy. Also know that once you are released, if they do decide to grant you parole, you will still be indebted to your daughter. I thought I told you prior to this that you might win a battle but you will not win the war!

By the way, LOL you can lay low on the southside of Atlanta and Marietta for as long as you see fit but you are still gonna have to answer to those charges, ain't no way around it. Also know that I already know exactly whose working for you on Backpage. I was gonna post the link to their SPONSOR ad full of fake photos but I'm not gonna be that messy on this beautiful Sunday morning! If you knew like I did you would stop bragging and boasting telling bitches "Pocahontas is my baby mama" and "I was the one that gave her the money and idea to get that tattoo." How could you have possibly done that being that we met in 2006 and I actually got the tattoo in 2000??? Nigga if I had a dick I would tell you to get off it! You need to stop trying to slander me and get a lawyer and turn yourself in cause it's only a matter of time before they catch up to you. I can attest now that I have never hated someone so much in my whole life!

"You fuck with me and try an back me in a corner and bitch I'm gon come out bitin!"

Sunday, July 3, 2011

EVERYTHING really is bigger in Texas!!!

Pocahontas will be back in Houston the end of this month to pick back up where I left off just last year! I'm actually considering getting another pad down that way since I'm a frequent flyer! I love Houston for it's diversity which is very similar to that of Atlanta. I always will enjoy seeing different types of clients such as: my White boys, Indians, Middle Easterners, Latin KINGS, Asians, etc. The men of Houston just have bigger pocket$ and there NEVER is an issue with them putting out! I've also found that they really know how to treat a woman of my caliber, more like a mistress. Even the black men in Houston are totally different than the ones here in Atlanta.

FYI: On my last visit to Houston, I had the liberty of meeting a very well known NBA player (Houston Rockets) while shopping at the Galleria Mall. Within 24 hours he took me on a shopping spree, lunch, dinner, and breakfast. The following day we went to a couple of spots around the city, a cook out, and to his boat out in Galveston. He was sippin his syrup and I wasn't complaining! The next morning to top it off, he gave me a going away gift of $5000, no questions asked!

I'll keep everyone posted upon departure to Houston. I will be conveniently located off Beltway 8 in the Westheimer/Galleria district so get ready Houston cause here I come!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pocahontas The Butterfly & The Atlanta $tock Exchange

"The Superhead of the South" is a pseudonym used to describe my undisputed talents, irrefutable intelligence, and elite-client classification. A true college girl who is well-rounded and highly-educated looking for potential investors to invest in the best stock on the market! Once you get to know me you will find that I'm always classy, very generous, and quite resourceful. 

Enjoy the company of the $outh's #1 most preferred, high-class, and trendsetting adult entertainer to hit the internet! No thugs, hood rats, or pimps at all! Upscale gentlemen of all races aged 30 or older only please!

A few film credits include but are not limited to: 

West Coast Production's: 
"Booty Talk,"
"Da Dirty South Booty Shake," 
Buddha Bang Productions':
"Pocahontas invades Texas"

P.S. I would like to say thank you to all my fans, friends, clients, and haters you too; for all your support, investments, and input over the years! This blog has been an overnight success for me! Canada, South Korea, Japan, China, Germany, U.K., India, Iraq, Kuwait, Russia, France, The Caribbean, and the Philippines I see you baby!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Often imitated but NEVER duplicated!!!

Big ups to all my fans, friends, clients, and haters for holding me down! Thanks for giving this bitch on a bad day for attempting to emulate me! My network and worth is too vast for the rest of ya'll bitches to even try to see me. I'm not just trying to single this girl out because there are countless others around the country like: the girl from 50 Cent's Disco Inferno video, porn stars, YouTube chicks, various Atlanta strippers, ugly ass Backpage bitches, etc. etc.

It has been amusing to me over the years the amount of people that have come to me and have talked about the MANY chicks around the net and in these clubs that wanna be like me so bad. The funny thing about it is these chicks will always have to deal with these guys constantly mentioning me in reference to their tattoo HA HA! All the butterfly tattoos that I've seen thus far have been cheap and look like flea market work. For the record, in 2000 my ex boyfriend got the tattoo for me as a birthday gift. He paid $1200 for it. After I got it, my tattoo artist took a picture of it and put it up in his shop. I knew the minute that the picture surfaced that so many copy cat hoes would try and bite it! Years later in getting different tattoos, the artists would tell me that my tat was a very hot commodity but no one wanted to spend over $200 for it! LOL

Black women learn how to be original and not like someone else because originality makes you stand out the most. If you are still considering getting such a job done then don't be cheap about it because this is a life long commitment. My tattoo has done wonders for me over the years and still counting but I should've patented it! What is even more fucked up is the fact that over the last 3-5 years they came out with a clothing line for females with wings on the ass cheeks.

Yes the name speak volumes!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Information ALL clients, escorts, and adult entertainers should know

Referral sites for clients to check on providers and for providers to check up on clients:

Unfortunately, a common shameful deception is women who steal photos from other ladies and put them in their own ads. This negatively impacts all honest and reliable escorts/companions when frauds don't want to post photos of their own faces or bodies (bait/switch). Seeing the same girl under several different names and numbers is a dead giveaway, either the provider has a very bad reputation or she really isn't who she says she is. Here's something you can try: Right click on the photo in question, particularly if it's not watermarked like most of mine. After you click on the "save image as" (you don't actually have to save it), look at the file name and see what it says. Many ladies tag their own name to the stored photos they'll upload to their ads, and if the name doesn't agree with the one in the post, it may be stolen or some sort of scam.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Information ALL clients, escorts, and adult entertainers should know

I know that sometimes it can be very scary when deciding to meet someone off the internet, especially on Backpage. Escorts are terrified of: a copycat Craigslist killer, LE stings, pimps, or even getting robbed. On the other hand, many hobbyists are scared of: bait/switches, police stings, or getting robbed. Today I've compiled a list of referral sites that have an enormous amount of active members like you (escorts and clients) who report what is really going on in the business on a daily basis.

I strongly advise you to register on the sites that I refer you to. ALL of them are free to join and it will save you the gas, headache, and bail money in the end. Just in case you already haven't heard, Marietta and Gwinnett County are hot as hell! Only a dummy would try to post or go see an escort out there. In the last couple of months, Marietta has arrested over 200 escorts and their johns in hotels that advertise on Backpage. If you don't believe me then Google: Marietta prostitution. Ladies if you are gonna do outcalls then you need to screen these guys to the fullest extent. I mainly do incalls but I do outcalls as well, only for my regular customers. If I don't know you personally then I'm not coming to you. You can offer me $5000 for an outcall and I'm still not coming. Greed will get you killed or locked the fuck up!

Gentlemen I strongly advise you to not see ANY escort that doesn't have reviews on sites like TER, Naughty Reviews, etc. When you get to these websites you can simply do a search on her name and phone number to see what other clients are saying about their experiences with her. About 80% of the girls that post on Backpage are either: bait/switch (stock photos), working for some pimp, rip offs, or are just a piece of garbage. I keep hearing this from customers on a daily basis that are highly pissed off with these situations and I just had to shed some light on it.

SITES for men:

SITES for women:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Internet Stalkers

It's sad that some people can be so obsessed with you to point where they literally stalk and harass you around the net. Why can't some GUYS and GIRLS take NO for an answer? Instead they try and make up all types of fictitious stories about you because they want what they can't have or are just plain jealous! Mind you these are people that in reality you have never met. It really is a thin line between love and hate.

For the record ladies, I choose to work solo, especially while in Atlanta. The only provider in the business that I do business with is my girl Da Cookie Jar, Bull City's Finest!

Young and old ladies of the night, do I have to always worry about ya'll flagging all my NEW, PROFESSIONAL photos every time I decide to update them on Backpage? Camera phone photos just aren't my style. I'm sure most of you, especially the ones that advertise: VIP/GFE/PSE, make enough money to pay a professional photographer. Get your mind and money right and step your game up. As the old saying goes, "Don't hate the player hate the game!"

I plan on talking about an array of issues that includes but are not limited to: internet stalkers, Backpage Atlanta (harassing pimps, providers, problem clients), my Wet and Wild tour, politics, etc. so get ready.

"You fuck with me and try and back me into a corner and bitch I'm gon come out bitin!!!"