Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Information Rules The Nation pt. II

"You gotta keep receipts on these hoes, otherwise they'll keep gettin out of pocket!"




Moose-mouthed Monroe Thicks aka Homie the Clown aka Ms. SEE WHY THEY HATE....Boss bitch or bottom of the barrel? You be the judge.....

Over the course of the last year and a half, I'm sure alot of you have witnessed or read several false statements written about me on the internet by Sharill N. Saunders aka Monroe Thicks, daughter of Virginia Saunders, on : www.Twitter.com/Monroeassisphat, http://atlanta.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts, www.RipoffReport.com, and www.Scaminformer.com. I never felt the need to respond to these false allegations because I knew that she was : mentally disturbed, jealous, using my name for publicity, and begging for my attention. Just to set the record straight again, like I did in a previous blog post here last year, How can two $100 hoes brag like they $1000 bitches? (Hallucinations), I do not know this girl personally and have never met her before. She has been infuriated with me since last summer because she wanted to go on tour with me to Houston, but couldn't come up with her portion of the trip (time share rental, rental car, and airfare) upfront. Monroe Thicks actually called me up about two or three days before the trip and asked if we were still going and I told her that I didn't think she wanted to go anymore because I hadn't heard from her. She then responded "Oh really Poca, you didn't think that I was going?" I'm like "nope cause I haven't heard from you or collected any money on your end." She then goes on to say "Well your fuckin loss" then hangs the phone up on me! I'm like whatever and life goes on.

About a couple of weeks later, I get a call from a client telling me to go to her Twitter because she was tweeting all kinds of bullshit about me. I called Monroe several times to give her an opportunity to meet me but she never would. She just kept posting lies about me on Twitter so that's how it started. At that point, I started using my www.Twitter.com/Pocahontas404 to defend myself against this piece of garbage. Since July 2011, on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis up until now, Monroe has consistently kept mentioning my name on Twitter and putting out lies on top of lies. So many clients and escorts hate this chick without a conscience in Atlanta because she has brought nothing but negativity to Atlanta. Some guy that she got into it with on Twitter or over the phone supposedly started posting shit about her on www.ripoffreport.com but just to hype shit up, she started saying that I was hatin on her and I was writing these reports http://twicsy.com/i/SowNR. Honestly, I don't think that she really knows who kept writing them because she has so many enemies. Now she claims to have slept with my daughter's father that I haven't fucked with since 2007; she probably did but who really gives a fuck. She tweeted one day that she had fucked him and that it was good. I'm like bitch better you than me but you're contradicting yourself because didn't you just say on several websites that I had AIDS lol! My daughter's father started patronizing pussy on Backpage when he found out that I advertised there after we broke up and because I wouldn't do certain things with him in the bedroom. Basically it was a desperate attempt to make me jealous but that tactic failed. Every chick on Backpage that he has seen he has fucked over in each instance so whoever did see him out of spite of me, bitch that's what you get lol!

Another tactic that this psychotic bitch tries to use against me is posting pictures of my drunkened mugshots on Backpage. I must admit that last year I did party hard and ended up in jail twice for it and another domestic altercation but who cares but her?! Several upstanding and boisterous citizens have found themselves on the other side of the law at some point of their lives but who gives a flying fuck?! What she failed to mention after posting my mugshot was the fact that she was actually arrested for PROSTITUTION a couple of years ago here in Atlanta, as result of a meeting with an undercover vice detective at Lenox lol (MUGSHOT coming soon)! It's a trip how people grow the balls to point out someone else's shortcomings but fail to reveal their own. She failed to inform her audience that her truck got REPOED and she had to buy another car from the BUY-HERE-PAY-HERE lot lol! Can you say PARS CARS lol! She failed to tell the world that she is now HOMELESS and living in hotels as a result of getting evicted from her apartment in Norcross on 10/8/2012 even though she had a $100 3-hole special on Backpage (Mouth, pussy, and ass) and sometimes NAME YOUR OWN PRICE specials lol! Before that, her old apartment in Gentry's Walk burned down although she lied stating that she lived in Dunwoody. Real boss bitches can afford renter's insurance but I guess that wasn't the case for her http://atlantaredcross.wordpress.com/2011/11/page/2/THE LAW OF KARMA IS A MOTHAFUCKA MONROE and these spirits aren't done kickin your ass yet! You've got beside yourself fucking with me and even mentioning my family...BIG MISTAKE! You really fucked up by playing with Marie Laveaux and threatening to post her granddaughter's photo on Backpage! I could give a fuck about you and like I told you before as long as you keep my name, or anyone else affiliated with me, in your mouth then everything that you touch will FAIL!

Now almost EVERY client in Atlanta, or anywhere else, that has called Monroe Thicks for an appointment knows that she always asks them to send her a camera photo. BAD IDEA! We've all witnessed this borderline bipolar-schizophrenic just post ALL these guys photos, phone numbers, and other personal information on Twitter. I guess if the conversation doesn't go her way or if there is any type of resistance on either side, you can almost always expect for your information to be posted instantaneously. She usually says that these guys are either: the police, pimps, robbers, cheap, etc. Gentlemen, if you value your privacy then calling Monroe Thicks shouldn't be an option. I've heard several tales from other girls or actual clients that have seen her before and they always say that they'll never return because she is so ghetto, her hygiene was bad, she had multiple personalities, or she was an airhead.

Monroe Thicks is so obsessed with me that she had to go get a butterfly tatted on her chest lol! I wouldn't be surprised if she renamed herself "Monroe The Butterfly" now that all of a sudden she is using butterflies as her theme. Now that I took out the time to sit down and finally write this blog I see that this chick slick loves everything about me but she hates me because she isn't me and can't do it like me. A few years before all this internet beef even started, when she first came to Atlanta, she was following me on Adultspace. I would always remember seeing her make comments on my photos and videos like "Damn if I had a dick I would fuck you" or "Call me I gotta talk to you" but I would never respond because she didn't look like anyone that I would hang out with. I never figured that only a couple of years later that this same chick would be my biggest stalker ever. I've had several cyber stalkers and real life stalkers in my time but this bitch reigns supreme hands down! This last episode that I had with this chick about two days ago just really took the cake. I'm like fuck it! She was in Baton Rouge with this sloppy, bad bodied chick who works in Marietta named Nicki Roc http://atlanta.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/gorgeousisland-mixed-fatt-jiggle-azz-sexy-thick-5-star-svc-tru-pleasure-30/12721489 who I've spoken to over the phone a few times due to her interest in going on tour with me #smh. Monroe put Nicki on a dummy mission of calling me while they were down there to ask me was it me that posted an ad about them in Baton Rouge. So to make a long story short I ended up cursing Nicki out and didn't hear from her anymore. Next, Monroe starts posting ads about me in Baton Rouge and here in Atlanta. Whoever the guy was in Louisiana that kept posting about them wanted them gone but she used me as a scapegoat in order to bring Nicki in it for help lol!

I can go on and on about this miserable prostitute for days but I simply wanted to just state the facts of the matter. Although she hates on me the most, she has hated on other providers such as : www.MarieLaveaux504.com, Vonnie Pink, The Body XXX, Saint Sassi, Sasha Cream, Kissable Kriss, Da Cookie Jar, Black Cherry, Meleysia (her ex-friend), etc. One thing that 99% of us have in common is the fact that we have never met Monroe Thicks before! Sad but true. I can imagine if she has hated on strangers like us so bad that there are several other Backpage girls out there that this bitch is harassing. I see now why whenever this bitch posts an ad, the pictures and or ad never lasts 5 minutes lol!