Monday, March 5, 2012

A Promi$e is a Promi$e!

I must say that I really enjoyed my business trip to Macon. The country boy$ were polite, the money was spectacular, and the food was good but everyone knows that it only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch. I usually travel alone because I'm just funny about the type of company, especially female, I keep. I decided to travel with my girl Promise, a long-time friend and escort here in Atlanta. Promise and I have been friends since I got into the business and she is one of the ORIGINAL Craigslist girl$ from here in Atlanta so it was all "G."

The guy you see in the picture called Promise up for a meet n' greet and was at the hotel room within minutes, although she told him to give her at least half and hour to get dressed. I happened to already be in the room with her when he pulls up to the hotel. I was about to leave when we hear a knock on the door. I dashed into the bathroom and closed the door. I hear them talking so I'm sitting on the toilet on the laptop just surfing the internet. The next thing I know is I hear a pleasant conversation turn into a vulgar one instantly so I immediately come out the bathroom and sit on the jacuzzi. Come to find out this negro decided that he was gonna show up without bringing any money and demand her services for a hour and go to the car after services were already rendered! BIG MISTAKE!

The guy told Promise that his superiors in the military told him to follow a certain procedure with the girls on Backpage. HUGE MISTAKE! He said they told him to walk in with no cash on him just to make sure that she was actually the girl in the photos and to go ahead and handle his business and then go back to the car to get the money! When this shit came out his mouth all I could do was sit back and watch this situation unfold before me. (Remember I'm just summing this story up for ya'll but the language and the environment in this particular situation was quite graphic and blatantly demanding) Promise informed this young guy that not only was he gonna pay her upfront but when he paid her he had to go just off him trying to play her. All he said to her the ENTIRE time was "Yes ma'am" "No ma'am" This young cat's eyes got big as 8-balls and his body along with his voice started shaking. She made him give up his wallet, car keys, and told him that he wasn't going nowhere LOL! She had this nigga backed into a corner for at least ten minutes snappin hard on this dude. I kind of felt sorry for him but I wanted to laugh at the same time though but I decided against it. The guy kept looking at me like "aren't you gonna do something" "ain't you gonna get your girl."

The entire time his so called brother kept calling him asking him where he was at and if he was okay. He continued to assure him that everything was all good and to please stop ringing his phone. I think his brother knew something was wrong because of the tone of his little brother's voice. At this point, Promise pulled out her piece and told the nigga to tell his bro he could join him too LOL! Finally she escorted him outside to his car where he paid her the money and he began to leave. Before he left and she gave him his keys back she had to get a good ID on him and his tag LOL! As she raised her camera phone to take the picture he turned away and I heard her scream "Turn around nigga!" She took this photo of him and took one of his tag and then gave him the keys where he immediately burnt rubber! Later on that night, a guy called, I think one of his homies, saying he wanted to apologize on behalf of ALL the bad $eeds in Macon and to just leave it alone!

WORD TO THE WISE: You can never slick a slickster, especially a TRU ATLien. His military buddies sent him on a dummy mission and the trick was on him!

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  1. LMAO Thats crazy...When are those young boys gonna learn smh