Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Conflict of Interest

For the record gentlemen, I will not be seeing anyone affiliated with Kaylani Foxxx in any form or fashion. As a devout business woman, student, and socialite, I have too many great things going for me than to allow such a person to physically, mentally, and socially contaminate my circle with confusion. Over the course of the last couple of months, Ms. Foxxx has contacted me, Marie Laveaux, and Honey particularly via text messages and phone calls in reference to some Backpage beef that she created from the jump. I've never met this girl a day in my life but obviously she feels the need to use my name and countless others in her ads in order to gain some notoriety.

The last time I spoke with Ms. Foxxx was a couple of weeks ago when she started blowing up my phone at 5 A.M. in reference to such beef. I offered her the opportunity to meet formally and she declined. We did reach an agreement that I would take down all negative posts about her that were extensively listed in this blog in exchange for her to just keep my name out of her mouth and advertisements. Well that verbal agreement was breached almost two weeks ago so that is why I'm now writing this blog. It was brought to my attention yesterday that she posted on Twitter that she won't be seeing any clients that see me and Marie Laveaux. After examining the complete list of "personal" services that Kaylani offers to the public, I wouldn't want to be affiliated with anyone linked to her in anyway. We are two different providers that provide completely different types of services rendered. I am an Adult entertainer and well-known companion and Kaylani on the other hand is a sex worker. I have a vast fan base, numerous celebrity friends, and an endless roster of clients from coast to coast. I don't know how she came to the conclusion that any of us were jealous of her.

I just felt the need to let it be known that I will not see anyone linked to Kaylani Foxxx. If someone is in fact trying to slander you with such false allegations that you know aren't true then so be it. Remember that some publicity, whether positive or negative, is better than no publicity at all. Personally, I could give a fuck about what anyone says about me because guess what, they ain't making me none and they damn sure ain't breakin me none! The problem occurs when your phone actually stops ringing! At that point, then it's time to go in on whoever. Honestly, I hope that isn't the case.

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  1. After much meditation and reflection on last evening, I was able to conclude that you and I have fallen victim to the same attack, ultimately responding in the same manner. We have been attempting to combat a spiritual battle using physical weapons as our artillery. For the sake of the audience of readers here on your site, I will attempt to explain myself being as unambiguous as possible as I do not want to lose anyone in thought.

    One cannot expect to solve any issue in life if there is a lack of knowledge as to what the core issues are, basically we must go to the root of the matter. This negative energy field we both know as Kaylani "The Kryptkepper" Foxxx has been poking and prodding at us for months, thus the reason for the various times you and I both have had to address her cowardly acts towards us, and not limited to us, but others as well. On the surface one would like to believe that this is simply a matter of females squabbling and battling for position, or contempt due to competitiveness in the industry. The aforementioned can be argued to hold some truth but what we are dealing with is far more sinister than what the visible eye can perceive. Kaylani Foxxx is fighting a mental and spiritual battle within her very own soul. You and I can continuously argue that we have no malicious intent toward this entity, and that we have been only been defending our character each time we engage in online beef with this entity, which is unequivocally the facts, however the truth of the matter is this is not about us, even though she would like to make others believe it is, this is about her and her feelings of insecurity, shame, and discontent with her own life. These are deep bedded issues that have plagued her well before she took to a life of prostitution, this is an imprint in her mental compass.

    The lifestyle of prostitution is a breeding ground for perverse spirits, spirits of greed, jealousy, envy, contempt, fear and sometimes even death. Contrary to what many of may believe, prostitution is not seen as just an issue of morality, it is a spiritual gateway where spirits of the lowest form roam. We have been targeted by this evil spirit not because we are the cutest, the best, get the most money and all that other nonsense, this is about someone who feeds off our very energy to survive. I know that's deep babe, but think about it, you know I'm right. Therefore let us collectively join forces, allies we shall become in an effort to starve the entity and cut off all means for her to absorb the very energy it needs to exist. Allow your focus to move beyond the problem, join forces with me to implement the solution, go to the core babe, uproot and dismiss the enemy. Don't allow yourself to be controlled and distracted by the subliminal ads, twitter updates, reports on others boards in an effort to garner sympathy. We will not allow the manipulative strategies to get out attention in a plot to obtain energy from us to make her feel relevant and noticed. She lives for our input, she thrives off of our acknowledging her existence. Once we severe the energy cord, the spirit eventually dies. I have plenty scissors, shall we snip snip together my dear?