Friday, August 19, 2011

How can two $100 hoes brag like they $1000 bitches? (Hallucinations)

"Monroe Thicks and Kaylani Foxxx you can either ring a doorbell or shut the fuck up"
"Real money makers don't have to say shit because their money speaks for them"
"Bitch stop needing Twitter validations to feel relevant"

"Monroe why you think you so cold and can't move beyond Backpage and $100?"
"Monroe I see that your prices are now NEGOTIABLE lol!"
"Did you know your girl Kaylani does $75 sessions?
"Why ya'll hoes acting like ya'll on a team of winners lol?"

Anything you gotta say bitch just call and make an appointment and we can go from there. You just another shit-talking scary jealous ass ghetto hoe on BP that ain't getting no money. Are you still mad because you didn't get to go to Houston with me bitch lol? Who gives a fuck if you are working for and fucking Matthew? I don't want that mothafucka and any hoe in her right mind wouldn't either. Let me give you some advice you fuckin creepy crawler. You and Kaylani aka Skeletor aka The Kryptkeeper stop trying to pull fake publicity stunts off another hoe's name and accomplish a real photo shoot and clientele base. Ms. Thicks as far as I can see you have never became anybody and never will nor have you ever posted an ad outside of Backpage or $100! Bitch when you can upgrade your rates higher than my NON-VIP rates then people will start taking you more seriously. I don't do business with the type of people that would even think of coming to see either one of you hoes. Your only self proclaimed line to some fame is that you are "The best since Craigslist," but according to several sources in Atlanta you are nothing more than a TRACKSTAR, you don't even belong on the internet you maggot ass hoe! Bitch all that cum you been swallowing over the years from these nasty dick ass niggas, since Craigslist, aren't you supposed to be rich huh? What happened? Ms. Thicks all your cloudy ass photos make you look like you've suffered from a stroke in the mouth area. I can't leave out Ms. Foxxx with her $150 creampie specials to the general public either. 

What I really wanna know is how you end up talking about Kaylani Foxx like a dog on Twitter then ended up partnering with the bitch? Truthfully, any real bitch getting money makes moves not tweets. Kaylani need to stop tweeting herself about them dingy ass video clips and ain't nobody paying her over $100 for anything. Just the other day they were on the forum calling Kaylani Foxxx "Decatur Pussy rot!" Monroe Thicks you have several funky pussy reports and ghetto reports on that same forum! I see several and have been written in reference to both of you infested ass hoes so now what's up?

FYI: Bitches be able to officially retire or wait until you reach millionaire status before you ever try an attempt to go in on a made bitch like me. One things for sure and two are for certain, I can guarantee that when I do enter the medical field, I will be treating dumb and full of cum ass hoes like you for every type of STD known to man in the ER. Monroe, at the rate I hear you and Kaylani be snorting them lines and chewin up pills you fuckin bobble heads, I don't think either one of you hoes will ever make it. Monroe seems to always keep other porn hoes names in her mouth more than a dick and even when she doing her best I hear its still average. Since you so cold and ballin like that then why can't you afford to go get the Kryptkeeper some hair and a real stylist? Your entire crew is a pack of nothings cause all ya'll bitches are crawling! Ms. Thicks I'm gon have to show you how to dress (with them cheap ass shoes), get your hair done (you ghetto fabulous SHANAYNAY look-alike), and train you on proper etiquette (you dumb ratchet ass hoe)! Bitch always talking about you got tools but guess what, you gonna need a HANDYHOE when you fuckin with me! Yeah Monroe you surely are ALL black because by the looks of things, I can tell that you are a 100% Afronigerjamerican-looking mothafucka, with all those infected nasty ass looking piercings!  Kaylani how long is gonna be under construction? When are you gonna tell these niggas, cause that's the only type of clients you are getting, that those pictures of you are from 2006 cause we pushin 2012 now?


That OG that still got ya'll hoes on your tiptoes, watching, lurking, peeping, and crawling! That same OG both of you hoes mad at cause I didn't wanna work with you tired ass hookers! "REAL niggas, bitches, celebs, and true VIP clients know ANYWHERE in the "A," especially, Poca is highly respectable!" Ole jealous ass back bitin ass hoes like you have to call me 24/7 for references, remember that bitches! When you can charge
your NON-VIP hourly rates to just have dinner with potential suitors and when you start to receive thousands of dollars (USD) via Western Union and bank transfers from people you've never met a day in your life then holla back at me bitches! I got a couple of hollow points for hoes like you. You fuckin internet wannabe hoe gangstas, but when it all boils down to it ya'll hoes ain't shit but some fuckin wankstas.

Pocahontas The Butterfly


  1. This is truly amazing to me but Poca you're not away from the truth at all. I have a friend that went to screw this Kaylani and he was highly upset but kept it to himself. At the time I think he had to pay her $100 for half an hour. He didn't want to hurt her feelings so he paid the money and did what he had to do, but after about 10 minutes he had to fake like he came just so he can get off of her. He stated that she doesn't look like anything in her ad and felt like he was screwing skeletor or some shit. He said that she should be charging hood rat prices because that's what she looks like. He told me that she looks like a cross between someone having aids or been strung out on crack. So MISS KAYLANI, this war that you claim you have on Poca, honey YOU WILL NOT WIN!!! I don't care how many poles you suck on or let them screw you raw, your body IS NO WHERE NEAR TO HERS so you really need to get a life and pick with someone that you look better than which will be hard after looking at your best 2 pictures on Backpage. Honestly, you need to charge $50 per hour because from what I see that's all you're worth!!

    Now, I'm about to get into Monroe Thicke's ass. All of us who visit Backpage know you have an ass, we got that. What I don't understand is the fact that I've never seen frontal shots of you before. For all we know your belly could possibly look as if you're 9 months pregnant just surrounded with fat. What is up with all of the blurry pics??? I understand that you have to advertise but at least let someone take your pics for you. If it has to be from a camera phone at least get one with more megapixels. I always read that you claim to be the "Baddest Bitch On Backpage"!! I'm trying to figure out how you can with a clear conscience announce to Atlantan's that you are. Yeah I know you have your 3 hole specials and all of that, but do you have it at least covered before doing all of that?? You're going to end up like Kaylani because I heard that she looks like she has aids. I'm surprised the two of you aren't friends or know each other personally, then again you may. As they say, birds of a feather flock together. In closing, BEFORE YOU START A WAR WITH ANY WOMAN ON ANY SITE, MAKE SURE THE BOTH OF YOU, KAYLANI ESPECIALLY, LOOK BETTER AND MORE SEXIER THAN THE WOMAN YOU'RE TRYING TO DECLARE WAR ON!! I'm about quality and not quantity. I would sleep with Poca first before I WOULD EVERRRRR SLEEP WITH ANY ONE OF YOU!! YOU 2 ARE REALLY TRIFILING!! GET A LIFE!!!

  2. Sooooo today she is stating Marie vs Kaylani, how can that be so when according to a great philosopher whose work I admire, "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win"(Sun Tzu). How can someone who follows my every move and wants an affiliation with me so bad that she has to use my name to even get someone to look at her ads, otherwise she's a what does the lonely do ass bitch year round, not just at Christmas time. How someone gonna call themselves VIP still wearing them same dusty ass gold shoes for the past 5 years and counting? My 1 outfit in my last pics cost more than anything she has worn in her last 3 webcam photoshoots, and speaking of photos, please go and look at those so UNSEXY shower photos on her site, looking like a bloated belly pygmy, yes, I said pygmy, just like the people that used to be in the old social studies books when I was a lil girl, lol, google it younguns. She been up all night trying to come back with a comeback and all she can say is her favorite lines, we hating, we jealous, we lying. Then you have people looking like WTF, why are they entertaining her, if only yall knew. This crusty ass wicked witch of the east looking bitch has been messing with me since last Novermber, it is about to be November again, and this time I am not having no mercy or no grace on her coward ass. I am from the UPT, I will bat the fuck out that bitch 3 times for the 3rd ward for playing with me. So for those wondering why it has come to this, just know this scary ass don't want to meet a bitch and get her ass stomped tranny look-a-like has been harassing me for months, not just me, others as well and we tired of this shit. Kaylani ya better know I'm a soldier bout mine, you really don't wanna go to war with me, and like Pimp C said, how the hell you gonna go to war when your bitch ass ain't got no cheese, get the fuck out of here you old maid/old hag faced slubborn slut!

    Say Pocahontas baebay I met Honey in April after this scarecrow called herself going at her for nothing so I guess I am going to end up meeting you too, goes to show what was meant for evil can really turn out good. Honey is a very nice person, very sweet and not about any drama, glad to have her as what I consider a friend/lil sis, I love you 404 girls, yeah baebay 404>>>><<<<<504, like Tiny and Toya, lol.

  3. Just a reminder for that hallucinating scarecrow with the do it yourself hair weave and photos, lol.

    I find that far too often people like to throw around certain terms of which they have no real comprehension of what the term actually means, thus leaving them incapable of using the term in its correct context. Below I have copied for you what the word jealousy actually means. For the sake of time you and I shall deal with entry number's 1 & 2. I personally find that I am not fearful of losing presently or in the future anything of any value to myself to the likes of you. My reputation precedes me, and I am very clear on who I am as a person, so that takes care of the first entry.

    Unbeknown to you Tink, I have always been surrounded by beautiful and successful women, in my personal life as well as my industry life, per my site you can see the ladies I affiliate with are beautiful in many ways, and too are successful as far as industry standards are concerned. All of them and even many not listed on my site can vouch for my character, they know I will go to bat for them, look out for them, speak life into them, and that can't be done when jealousy is at the forefront of ones mind. So your notion of me being jealous of you is absurd, what status is it that you think you have that I covet? You've never accomplished any great feats that I know of. I am not sure where you get this false sense of grandeur from, cocaine is a helluva drug I see, lol.

    Let me teach you something lil Tink Tink, what a man says before during and sometimes after a orgasm is called bullshit, especially when he does not love you, ok boo boo. I know perhaps prior to becoming a prostitute not too many men said nice things to you to make you feel special. So now you put up a few ads on the net, screw a few guys that tell you that you are beautiful and you are the best and it goes to your head. But baebay they say that to every girl they screw, pumpkin it was not meant to go to your head and make you start thinking you are the only gal they say that to, it's called pillow talk. You have taken what was meant as a little something to make you feel good about yourself, ya know not so whorish, to claiming all hail the queen, you first need a king, and last I checked no queen I've known in the history of mankind has ever had to post $100 creampie specials on backpage. However when you find one, let me know as if I am wrong I will retract my previous statement.

    Now that we have been given a small briefing on what jealousy really means, what say you am I jealous of Tink. Would it be the half bag of weave you've started to wear lately, or maybe its the bad reputation you have as trying to be a trackstar internet bully? Could it be the creampie specials you advertise for, or the bad cocaine habit you have? Is it the fact you have not a car? Tell me babe, what is Marie so jealous of, inquiring minds want to know what that drugged induced mind of yours is really thinking.

  4. Being that I have worked in the mental health capacity, I am very familiar with those who possess character traits of someone suffering from mental illness. Check this out:

    What is NARCISSISM?
    Narcissism is categorized as a personality disorder by the mental health profession. It is referred to as NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Few are ever diagnosed because few go to therapy. Narcissism is not high self-esteem, but a condition where the typical narcissist suffers from:

    Preoccupation with hiding real or perceived flaws
    Overestimation of importance, achievements, talents and skills
    Maladaptive attention seeking behavior
    Inability to empathize with others
    Excessive anger and shame in response to criticism often resulting in rage

    Does any of those characteristics above sound like someone we know who has gone on a bitter tantrum this week or should I say the past month and prior? My point has been proven, remember back in March when I wrote that the "Kryptkeeper" was losing her marbles, did you think I was being facetious when I said that, Marie is an undercover prophet, don't sleep on me, lol. Do you see she has now included us in all her postings on backpage, spending her last coins on any and everything which revolves around Marie and Pocahontas. Do you realize outside of referring to us on twitter and in her ads she has nothing going for herself, we make her feel relevant again, cash flow dry as the Sahara, lol? Poor thang, maybe we should start a benefit fund. How does the help Kaylani "The Kryptkeeper" get her weight up foundation sound, proceeds will go to helping her get a professional photoshoot with her hair professionally done, ridding her of the in the kitchen by the stove 3 tracks only that she is currently sporting. Also any remaining funds will go to correcting those two flaccid ugly saggy burnt scramble eggs she calls breasts, yuck, I feel sick! Help us to help the less unfortunate, donate to this worthy cause.

  5. I remember Pocahontas The Butterfly from our dancing days ... She was a bad bitch then , and from what i am seeing you still a bad bitch ... So fuck these non-mutha fuckin factor ass bitches ... Hoes jealous they haven't accomplshed shit and been in the game this long .. Keep doing you !! Cause you always gonna have haters when you doing good .... <3