Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Information ALL clients, escorts, and adult entertainers should know

I know that sometimes it can be very scary when deciding to meet someone off the internet, especially on Backpage. Escorts are terrified of: a copycat Craigslist killer, LE stings, pimps, or even getting robbed. On the other hand, many hobbyists are scared of: bait/switches, police stings, or getting robbed. Today I've compiled a list of referral sites that have an enormous amount of active members like you (escorts and clients) who report what is really going on in the business on a daily basis.

I strongly advise you to register on the sites that I refer you to. ALL of them are free to join and it will save you the gas, headache, and bail money in the end. Just in case you already haven't heard, Marietta and Gwinnett County are hot as hell! Only a dummy would try to post or go see an escort out there. In the last couple of months, Marietta has arrested over 200 escorts and their johns in hotels that advertise on Backpage. If you don't believe me then Google: Marietta prostitution. Ladies if you are gonna do outcalls then you need to screen these guys to the fullest extent. I mainly do incalls but I do outcalls as well, only for my regular customers. If I don't know you personally then I'm not coming to you. You can offer me $5000 for an outcall and I'm still not coming. Greed will get you killed or locked the fuck up!

Gentlemen I strongly advise you to not see ANY escort that doesn't have reviews on sites like TER, Naughty Reviews, etc. When you get to these websites you can simply do a search on her name and phone number to see what other clients are saying about their experiences with her. About 80% of the girls that post on Backpage are either: bait/switch (stock photos), working for some pimp, rip offs, or are just a piece of garbage. I keep hearing this from customers on a daily basis that are highly pissed off with these situations and I just had to shed some light on it.


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