Thursday, June 16, 2011

Often imitated but NEVER duplicated!!!

Big ups to all my fans, friends, clients, and haters for holding me down! Thanks for giving this bitch on a bad day for attempting to emulate me! My network and worth is too vast for the rest of ya'll bitches to even try to see me. I'm not just trying to single this girl out because there are countless others around the country like: the girl from 50 Cent's Disco Inferno video, porn stars, YouTube chicks, various Atlanta strippers, ugly ass Backpage bitches, etc. etc.

It has been amusing to me over the years the amount of people that have come to me and have talked about the MANY chicks around the net and in these clubs that wanna be like me so bad. The funny thing about it is these chicks will always have to deal with these guys constantly mentioning me in reference to their tattoo HA HA! All the butterfly tattoos that I've seen thus far have been cheap and look like flea market work. For the record, in 2000 my ex boyfriend got the tattoo for me as a birthday gift. He paid $1200 for it. After I got it, my tattoo artist took a picture of it and put it up in his shop. I knew the minute that the picture surfaced that so many copy cat hoes would try and bite it! Years later in getting different tattoos, the artists would tell me that my tat was a very hot commodity but no one wanted to spend over $200 for it! LOL

Black women learn how to be original and not like someone else because originality makes you stand out the most. If you are still considering getting such a job done then don't be cheap about it because this is a life long commitment. My tattoo has done wonders for me over the years and still counting but I should've patented it! What is even more fucked up is the fact that over the last 3-5 years they came out with a clothing line for females with wings on the ass cheeks.

Yes the name speak volumes!

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