Sunday, July 3, 2011

EVERYTHING really is bigger in Texas!!!

Pocahontas will be back in Houston the end of this month to pick back up where I left off just last year! I'm actually considering getting another pad down that way since I'm a frequent flyer! I love Houston for it's diversity which is very similar to that of Atlanta. I always will enjoy seeing different types of clients such as: my White boys, Indians, Middle Easterners, Latin KINGS, Asians, etc. The men of Houston just have bigger pocket$ and there NEVER is an issue with them putting out! I've also found that they really know how to treat a woman of my caliber, more like a mistress. Even the black men in Houston are totally different than the ones here in Atlanta.

FYI: On my last visit to Houston, I had the liberty of meeting a very well known NBA player (Houston Rockets) while shopping at the Galleria Mall. Within 24 hours he took me on a shopping spree, lunch, dinner, and breakfast. The following day we went to a couple of spots around the city, a cook out, and to his boat out in Galveston. He was sippin his syrup and I wasn't complaining! The next morning to top it off, he gave me a going away gift of $5000, no questions asked!

I'll keep everyone posted upon departure to Houston. I will be conveniently located off Beltway 8 in the Westheimer/Galleria district so get ready Houston cause here I come!

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  1. Why are people always putting down Atlanta? I'm from Miami and I always hear women talking about the dudes here, what do you think the main thing is thats causing these chicks be funny towards Atlanta dudes?

    I'm a guy by the way. a straight guy. lol